Podcast Opportunity for Women in Leadership (or with interesting stories!)

Hey there! I'm Taira, a 16 y/o from Toronto who wants to change the world. Aside from doing my own ML projects on the side and getting involved with the startup community from a young age, I am also the President of my student council for a school of over 2000+ students. As one of my initiatives for this year, I am starting a podcast called "MGCITalks" with our theme for March set as "Stories of Inspirational Women". The intention behind this is to inspire the students at my school by hearing voices and stories they would normally not have heard and helping them realize the opportunities the world has for them to seize. We will be doing these podcasts throughout the month, possibly overflowing into April if we get an overflow of responses. Please shoot me a message on Elpha or drop a method to contact you if you are interested in learning more :)Thanks!Taira
Hi Taira. I’m absolutely not Leadership or Management in the company I’m working for. I have decided to remain technical and concentrate on learning all I can. After 20 years I know I have the best job in the world - if you’re me. I also know there’s a wide world in tech out there looking for people. I’ve spoken to transition year students here in Ireland about this (16 years old, between state exam cycle curriculum). If you think that might be of use to you, please DM me and we can have a chat.
Hi Taira, It is a noble project you have doing... it is great to inspire young minds through story. I did a podcast earlier this year if can give you a context of my life and my journey. I have been in leadership and management , moved up in roles and then stepped down to start all over again after transitioning careers. Let me know if you want to feature my story...we can do a special for your target audience. Thanks.
Hi @Tairamehta! Your initiative sounds fantastic. I'm the COO of the medical venture SurgiBox, and in a former life I worked for small-medium sized startups focused on international development. I judge/participate in public speaking in my spare time, and would love to chat with you and learn more. Feel free to DM me!
Hi Taira, I am so proud of what you are doing especially at this level and being a President of your student council. I am not yet in a leadership position (this is my next big move) but over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work across big multinationals in Philippines, China, Dubai (UAE and across the Middle East), Europe (Amsterdam) and now in London building a global career.I am very proud of the global experience I have gathered under my belt..especially coming from Nigeria where universities are always on strike, electricity shut downs and the likes..I'm happy to share my story to younger women to let them know that the world is their oyster and its theirs to take on. Feel free to drop me a note if you're interested.
Hello Taira,Great work! Keep going. I think that I am a voice that they may not hear. I am a Caribbean national and I have lived and worked in New York and now am back in the Caribbean - St. Kitts to be exact. I have founded two companies and I work with regional and international partners and I believe I would like to share the story of crafting a non-conventional pathway for one's self and that it is okay to do so. Let me know!Tamu Petra Browne (DBA)
Hi Taira,I am in a leadership position in a tech world. Although I won’t be able to speak specifically about my work or what I do day to day, But I do have stories to share. I was once an international student and now I am in a design leadership capacity as a woman of color in tech. Let me know if you’d like to hear more. I am also a mentor at ADPList, and was featured as one of the Wonder Women Mentor for IWD 2021. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn or my IG
Hi Taira,Firstly, let me just say you sound kickass and congrats on being the president of the student council.If you'd like a younger perspective (assuming you think 26 is still young) on taking the less travelled road, I'd be happy to get involved. Heres a snapshot of things I've done so far:UK Parliamentary Intern > Asset Mgmt Analyst > Teach for UK > Insurance/Project analyst > Strategy Analyst for a Fortune 500 Payments Company > Business Analyst for Facebook (my current role)I'm also on the board of governors for a primary school here in London and I have ~ 5years of mentoring experience. Email me at [email protected] happy to help in any way I can. Good luck with the podcast - JeyP.s I'm British, currently living in London but I have an American accent so just warning you in advance 😅