Back-end Developer for PWA

What you'll do:

  • Building a beta infrastructure from scratch (and improving partially built infrastructure as needed)
  • Design shared infrastructure components, optimizing for the developer experience, scaling, performance, reliability, and long-term maintainability
  • Take responsibility for building, shipping, and maintaining core features end to end, for maximum customer and business impact
  • Take full ownership of backend services, including responsibility for deploys, monitoring, debugging, and overall reliability
  • Work at all levels of the stack with a concentration on the backend. Work with Node.JS, React. Open Source AI chat
  • Work closely with a Front-end Developer and Full-Stack Developer
  • Integrate Mailchimp and Square with paid subscription levels
  • Must have the ability to communicate feature development limitations in order quickly get the beta off the ground

Who you are:

  • You’re a backend engineering specialist or software engineering generalist with 2+ years of industry experience who is willing to learn new technologies and apply them in a fast-changing environment
  • You have experience in areas such as databases, distributed systems, service-oriented architectures, and backend performance measurement and optimization and have examples to show
  • You derive joy from refactoring and building clean abstractions in order to make complex systems fun to develop and easy to understand
  • You have a strong background in computer science

Who we are:

Bea Better Eating is on a mission to disrupt the weight loss industry with a better approach to healthy eating. Created by co-founders Dr. Sera Lavelle, Ph.D, (Clinical Psychologist/CEO) who owns New York’s top integrative therapy practice, and Ruby Manadero (Product Designer/CPO) who went through TechStars as a founding member at CrowdTwist recently acquired by Oracle, we have what it takes to challenge weight loss apps like Noom and Weight Watchers with our approach that is both holistic and evidence-based. Our app uses chatbot technology to implement mindfulness-based psychological principles that systematically change the way people think about food. We are currently developing the beta product (pre-funding) with an anticipated launch early this year.

Read more about our mission at:

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Hi @rubym, could you possibly provide an email where I could send my application?
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Hi @medina, please send to [email protected] Thanks so much!