FREE WEBINAR | Own Your Raise: Creating a Fundraising Strategy for Female Founders

The pressures of running a business while looking for funding causes many founders to underestimate the importance of creating a clear fundraising strategy. You don’t want to waste your time seeking capital without a clear timeline and plan. In this workshop, the experienced investors and entrepreneurs will guide you on how to best prepare, plan and execute a strategy that’s best suited to your business.

This workshop will also address the specifics of what it means to raise capital as a female founder and provide practical tips, checklists, templates and interactive exercises so you can start applying these to your company and Own Your Raise.

Key topics addressed include:

  • What’s the landscape of raising money for female founders?
  • What does raising capital mean for me and for my business?
  • Is my company ready to raise?
  • How much should I raise?
  • What’s the process and timeline of raising from angels/VCs?
  • How can I best prepare to raise my first outside capital?
  • How do I figure out and understand who the right investors are for my company?
  • How can I best align running my company and running a fundraising round?
  • What are the resources out there that can help me fundraise?

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Understand what raising outside capital means for you and your business
  • Have a clear understanding of how to create a fundraising strategy that makes sense for you and for your company
  • Learn about resources to help you fundraise
  • Get checklists and templates for planning and executing your raise
  • Get access to the slides & recording

Please note that this is a woman-only event. Use of “women” & “female” is inclusive of and welcomes trans women, nonbinary folks, and anyone who identifies with womxnhood in any way that is significant to them.

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