Bio ladies! + Intros

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Hi Celine, thanks for starting this community! I'm a PhD candidate in my final year studying biomedical engineering. My research has previously focused on tissue engineering and has evolved in the study of cancer and precision medicine applications. I'm working on creating 3D cancer tissue models to study disease progression and treatment response specifically related to extracellular matrix. I am also working on pivoting (with my interests) and am studying machine learning for cancer precision medicine applications. Beyond my in lab research, I am invested in advancing the scientific community and playing a role in making research accessible to everyone. I'm currently looking the next way I can make an impact with science and improve patient outcomes as I will be completing my degree in May.
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Hi all! I’m a data scientist at a biotech company in Boston. I work in research, rather than corporate data science. and get to work on cool ML projects ranging from image analysis to cheminformatics. Thanks for starting the channel! Kathryn
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Awesome group! I'm a cofounder on Winely - we build precision fermentation tech for winemakers (the world's oldest form of biotechnology). I love all things fermentation and following how these practices are being used in everything from new foods to pharmaceuticals.