Tips on Getting Started in Tech Without Prior ExperienceFeatured

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Excellent advice! Thanks for bumping my memory.
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Any idea what stood out in your resume to your employer? I don’t really have any tech experience, and it shows in that I don’t even get the time of day from employers in tech...
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Hi - I also broke into tech after several years of non-tech experience. What worked for me was networking shamelessly and getting referrals directly to hiring managers. Its a sad fact but applying online hasnt taken me far with tech companies.
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Yep, that’s exactly been my experience too. Finding people on slack channels has been an interesting challenge. Thanks for your feedback!
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I hear you. After I quit this job, I applied to many other tech companies thinking they would hire me even after my first experience, but as it turns out the industry is highly competitive. I guess there were 2 reasons I got the job: 1) sheer luck, which I know is something people don't really want to hear, and 2) I had some relevant previous experience that the company needed at the time (they needed someone to do email marketing).But keep trying! I think you'll come across a company that will be looking for what you can bring to the table.
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I'm sure the company saw your potential and the passion to learn. Your content reflects your willingness and openness to challenges and new discoveries! Thanks for sharing your content, it's inspiring and motivating!!
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Thank you for taking a chance on me, Lenzy! <3
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All good advice! 🙏 hope you enjoy your new job!
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Thanks for sharing! I like all of your pieces of advice and felt a similar way when I got a job in tech last year. Very fast pace, things change quickly, and I had sooooo many questions (lots of unknown acronyms). But people usually want to help out. ◡̈ I personally like to organize my to-do’s the day prior, so I can jump right in the next morning. I almost always need to push stuff to the next day.Have you worked with new organization tools that are easier or harder to stay organized with in such a fast pace environment? I’m using all G Suite tools and it took awhile to feel comfortable with staying organized (but now I love it!).
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Perhaps too late to the party, but Trello is so great for managing things! I used that for our daily scrum and my personal board too.
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That's great! I like organizing my to-do's the day before too, sometimes.Oh yeah, I had to learn how to use a lot of project management tools. My favorite one to use is Notion, and I think it also took me a while to fully explore its capabilities. I also reeeaaallly like G Suite - very helpful and versatile!
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Fantastic advice! To pile on, when I started in tech I found the best way to keep myself grounded and not get too overwhelmed by what I didn't know was to focus on what I did. I was hired for an expertise (comms in my case), and so I'd regularly remind myself of my strengths and experience in my field (even though it felt a little different from what I used to do). I was upfront with colleagues that this was my first tech job, so I asked questions regularly while also being confident (at least outwardly ;) ) in my decisions related to my expertise. I found that the overwhelming "tech stuff" ended up being much easier to absorb than expected and was starting to speak the language before too long. In general, most startups are looking for super smart people willing to identify and jump in and solve problems. Remember your value, your expertise, and your smarts and don't hesitate to share them with your colleagues!
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I love this. I actually worked with somebody in the company who had no experience in startups but was hired because of her extensive comms experience!Also I wanna say how comforting it is to hear that you're hired for your value and expertise as opposed to how much you know about tech in general. :)
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Your post brings me back to when I joined a tech company 6 years ago. All very good advice. In addition, what helped me was to start reading TechCrunch, just to pick up the terminology (I also moved from abroad, so largely felt out of touch). From the perspective of a hiring manager in a fin tech company, I look for interesting, diverse backgrounds. I need critical thinkers and go-getters, not necessarily someone with tech experience. So my advice is to highlight your abilities through your achievements.
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Oooh I started reading TechCrunch too when I started working there. Thanks for the advice! As I mentioned somewhere above, it's really comforting to find that some hiring managers value your talent, expertise and your willingness to learn something over your experience in tech.