Explaining quantum mechanics using coffee and finding innovation insights in dumbwaiters for smart elevator design: tips on creativity from IBM Global Product LeaderFeatured

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@sandramedina you might find this interesting!
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@iynna and @sandramedina, I came here to say the same thing! I bet Sandra would like this.
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Thank you both for thinking of me, this is awesome! :)Some of my personal favorite takeaways:"When you get a cup of coffee at a cafe, think about how that seemingly insignificant cup of coffee is connected to so much...Everything is truly connected""...understand the intersectionality between the many facets of everyone’s identities...Anamita believes individuals do their best work when they bring their full selves to work.""Long after people forget the technical details of a particular message, they will still remember how it made them feel."
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Some of my favorites quotes as well :)
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Loved this!
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Thank you for the read!
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Yes! The grandma boss rule is a great term to remember how to simplify complex concepts - I've been trying to reinforce this with my team this week :)
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Love that!