Welcome to B2B SaaSy ✨

Hello ladies and even more ladies! Welcome to B2B SaaSy, a community started by the Acceleprise team to bring together the community of SaaS pros and up-and-comers, from operations to investors to founders and everyone in between. Our hope is to build a community within Elpha that serves for the many needs of the B2B SaaS ecosystem, be that sharing feedback (good or constructive) about software, seeking feedback on product launches or features, hiring opportunities, or asks for support, this space is one for it all.We're new, so we'll see how things go and mold it based on how folks contribute, so help us get going!Before you go, I outta tell you a bit about Acceleprise. I'm heavily biased, but I'm also very opinionated, so my opinion is relatively close to facts.Acceleprise is a top-ranked, pre-seed B2B SaaS accelerator and seed stage fund with programs in San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto. The 4-month program runs twice a year in each location and focuses entirely on go-to-market, sales, and fundraising support. Through hands-on, weekly guidance from the Acceleprise team, to workshops and one-on-one mentorship from the Acceleprise mentor network, the program prioritizes rapid growth through customer intros, mentor engagement, and investor matching. Each program takes on 8-10 founders with an investment of up to $100k.Acceleprise has been and continues to be backed and advised by brand name tech CEOs and operators, including Nick Mehta of Gainsight, Rowan Trollope of Five9, Tien Tzuo of Zuora, Susan Kimberlin of Salesforce, and Karen Appleton Page of Box, among countless others.This is our application link: www.acceleprise.vc/apply