Do you know a great career coach?

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@megazine Hey there - not the answer you want likely, but here I go .. I am one. A long time Elpha member and supporter of many folx in just the spaces you are curious about. I may not be "your" match but if it helps on your journey to touch base - let us get on a call and see what is what. Thanks for the read and talk soon! oxoxxo
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Hi @megazine! Thanks for your post. I'm a Career/Mindset Coach and I've lived in SF and I've worked with clients internationally in metropolitan areas. I've also worked with tech companies. DM if you're keen to connect, thanks!
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Hi @megazine - I am a coach for leaders and innovators. Before moving to coaching full-time I was a Chief of Staff who did a lot of work with VCs and tech start ups in Canada, with a lot of trips to SF and the valley to meet with them, so I know the lingo and world. My work now is mainly focused on helping entrepreneurs and leaders take the big, bold ideas in their head and making them into clear, actionable plans. If it sounds like a fit, feel free to book a call with me here: