What are our WordPress goals for this year 2020?

Happy New Year to all and Yours. I want to thank everyone for connecting and sharing in this group, you all rock! I would love for us to share what our WordPress goals are for this new? What are we working on, what do we plan to work on or learn, what challenges are we facing, or maybe we need a design review or content strategy? Or we want to volunteer for the open source project? Get a job in the WP ecosystem? Sharing is caring! Let's be able to support one another.
Hello Mary, wishing you all the best and wonderful things for the new year. This is a good idea. I am looking for wordpress website/blog service. I am making an offer to provide free wordpress service if hosting and domain is purchased from "webhostville services" they can have the service free but not inclusive of e-commerce or membership website. Just a simple website with blog that can be delivered in a day or two once hosting and domain name is paid for and requirements fully stated. They can choose to use free theme or buy themes if they like.I will provide up to 5 of this service, there after I will charge.Any lead?Thanks.
That sounds good, you can post in WP Nigeria Slack Workspace ( if you are there. There is a channel for promotions or similar I believe.
Thanks @maryjob, this is good!
Happy new year, Mary!I'm wondering if anyone out there has used WPML or a similar plug-in to localise parts of their site in a different language. I'm looking into this, but it would be great to talk to someone who's already been through it.
Not me, not at this moment. I am going to send an invite to women from our local community to join us here if they can. @Daydah do you folks use this?
Hi @shanna and @Maryjob!We use Loco Translate but also recommend WPML - both work well with our plugins.Shanna, what are your constraints? I will be happy to help if I can :)
Thanks @Daydah! We have quite a large website (in English) and want to offer a 'lite' version in Spanish. We have translations ready to go for about 10 pages - I'm just wondering how it works with a plug-in. Can you choose which pages/menu items to show in each language? Would the non-translated pages be hidden after you click through to the Spanish version?
I can't believe I didn't respond to you since then! Please pardon me. Have you tried Loco Translate now? Did it work out as you wanted?
That's OK! I still haven't tried anything, this is one of those projects that keeps getting bumped down the list of priorities!
I know the feeling lol. Do let me know how it turns out though :)
I hope to write more about WordPress storytelling, speak at WordCamps within and outside Africa and also contributing my time to building a safe WordPress community for women to thrive in my country.Oh! I also aspire to get a remote job delivering support WordPress services
This is awesome, way to go 2020!