Women are told to work hard, save but not to invest: I'm the founder & CEO of an investing app across crypto, stocks & NFTs.

Hi Elpha friends,

I told myself I needed to save more and maybe even diversify my income sources by doing side gigs...and yet I'm the founder and CEO of an investing startup!

It's been deeply engrained in me - like many of you - to save endlessly thinking if we only work harder for that promotion, or diversify our income sources will we have enough. This isn't a common behavior amongst those who've grown up with generational wealth. But they do what we all have the power to and it's to have our money work for us.

I'm still learning to change my behavior and invest my money while tackling everyday expenses. I don't need to work harder, or wait until I have multiple income streams to have more money...I can invest a bit of what I have for my tomorrow.

If you relate to any of this, I'd love to chat more. I'm personally onboarding Elpha members to my app's Beta fore special pre-release access after this community has given so much. 💚

Sign up here 😊

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@katgarcia - Just tried to sign up. it looks like the link takes me to the homepage of typeform, not a form.
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Thanks so much for letting me know! Here's the link and I've also edited the pos :)
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Thanks Kat! Looks like Beta is at capacity. That's a good thing. I will standby for the launch.