Join The New UX Skill Building Community For Black & Brown UXers

I'm currently building a community for Black and Brown UXers. We need safe spaces to grow, kick it, and level up together. This is something major! By joining The UX Major you gain an extended community of other experts that look like you and share lived professional experiences. We provide a network of peer support and collective expertise. Let's normalize asking for help and sharing failures ( and of course successes) in a safe, soft, and collaborative environment. Our mission is to help Black and Brown UXers quickly identify skill gaps and acquire the skills they need to advance their careers So if you're interested, here is a place for you to make major moves in your UX career through mentorship and mastery.

Sounds great!
Thank you!
@jenebawint CONGRATULATIONS! What a needed and awesome endeavor. Joined!
Thank you! Happy to have you! 👩🏾‍💻