Recruiter / Sourcer opening, come join us!

We are looking for another Researcher / Junior Recruiter to join Phase 3!

We are an executive search firm that focuses on helping biotech companies save the lives of their patients worldwide, we’re also on a mission to change what it means to be a recruiter by building fantastic relationships, delivering value, and pushing the boundaries of what can be delivered by headhunters.

How do you know if you’re the right fit?

We are looking for someone that is passionate about making a difference, not only in the biotech space but also in the recruiting world. Our business helps find the leaders that drive organizations to cure incurable conditions worldwide.

We will teach you everything about the biotech industry and help you to learn how to utilize Linkedin and the most modern technology in order to map out talent all over the world. We'll teach you how to craft world-class outreach campaigns, and have conversations with the very best leaders, who are building the most exciting teams in the industry.

This role will hone your written, verbal, and organizational skills and turn you into a fantastic communicator. All that we ask is that you bring your full authentic self, a passion for learning, and a huge desire to make a difference.

About Phase 3:

We have pioneered a world-first agency structure where everyone pulls together to drive projects forward. We buck the classic agency trends of territorialism, boys-club-culture, and the notion to secure revenue-at-any-cost. Instead, we operate as a unit that shares best practices, prioritizes direct truthful communication, and we have a commitment to invest in each other, our clients, and our candidates so that we all win, together.

Since our founding in 2018, we have helped to drive over 80 new assets and medicines to market for a number of world-first startups that have gone on to become today's leading businesses in Next-Generation medicine and technology.

In 2021, we placed 40 searches generating $2.1m of revenue with an average of $500k generated per head. This makes us one of the highest-performing executive search teams in the country. We have a client retention rate of 95%, and yet, we are just getting started. We know that by finding the right team members that we can help even more treatments make it to patients and that we can do it in time to save their lives.

We commit to investing in your development every year. We don’t just talk about leading from the front, we live it. We provide fully paid medical, dental and optical benefits, 25 days PTO, and up to 15% retirement contribution (401k & DB plan).

Interested! Right now, I'm a VA and copywriter but I have a research and recruitment and retention background(in academia). I looked through your current opportunities but couldn't find the position. I want to learn, work and accomplish all things mentioned above, especially working on outreach campaigns. Here is my site to get to know me a little better
Hi Jocelyn,Just messaged you!