We have the power and ability to impact the world around us with words. Black Americans have been called lazy, aggressive, loud, and angry for hundreds of years.

White Nationalists parents are burning books. They are ignorant. What’s another word for ignorant? Illiterate. Illiterate means having little or no education.

Up until the early 90s, White Nationalists were not ashamed of their hatred; they boasted about it. Grandma and Grandpa used their authority to act superior to others. They were White Supremacists. This generation is the opposite of supreme. This generation is powerless, weak, frustrated, ordinary, destructive, mediocre, helpless, insignificant, average, worthless, inferior, and impotent.

Death to White Supremacy, Birth to White Illiterates

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Thank you. I’d like to make a suggestion/point of clarification. Did a quick google search and according to the Cambridge dictionary: ignorance is about not having enough knowledge, understanding, or information about something; while illiteracy relates to the inability to write and read. With that, I think it’s important these topics with the right meaning of words.