Myth busted: You don't have to post multiple times a week to be discovered on social media

When I talk to alot of my clients, they are concerned about numbers. How many times should I post a day or a week? When should I post? How many hashtags should I use? What should my budget be? And so on.These marketing tricks used to work very well, but now that social media is saturated with content it’s not enough to just make posts.Read this article to learn how to gain more clients and build lasting relationships.#socialmediahacks #socialmediaengagement #brandrecognition #socialmediapresence #marketingonline #relationshipmarketing #businesstips101
Thank you for posting this. Increasing my online engagement to boost brand awareness is the approach I am taking so it was nice to see it validated.
Glad that I validated your approach! It's so underestimated. Best wishes, J