Please help - my resume is archaic

Hello, I have worked in the same industry my entite career and now I want to step away from this work and have a ton of transferrables nit don't understand the language of today. I have worked with several people who look at my resume and then tell me how to edit it.

I don't want to edit it, I want to pay someone to take a job I want, take my resume, and build one for the job I want. Is this no longer an option. I don't understand chat gpt. I have done so much it's not even possilbe to write it all down but I can answer questions needed for holes but I really am looking to go from "Director" to "remote customer service" work and I know I am qualified but can't unsee my resume. Can anyone help that won't cost $1,000?

I used to write resumes for people a long time ago and requests like these do end up being the most expensive because of time involved in the back and forth - most of what your resume writer needs is in your head. I recognize this is not the answer you want.You can try looking for someone who is starting out with writing resumes or doing this on side. Upwork, Craigslist, or Facebook marketplace may have some offerings or someone else may reply here. I think there's moderate to high risk here of not getting what you want. You're looking for someone willing to consult with you and "done for you" services.The goal with some of my ideas below is getting something on paper, not a perfect resume. It's much easier to iterate on something current than on trying to find someone to pull this information out. I suspect that's the biggest wall you're hitting.Ways around unseeing the resume:Trade help with friends that are good with words or that are good at getting you to talk. Take a job description that's relevant, copy it in a document, and go line by line and defend how you have those skills in that document. Sometimes, having a friend do this with you reduces the overwhelm and some people will skill trade if funds are tight or certain friends may help you out this round. Sometimes, doing this activity alone is enough. It's not a resume, it's a paper interview. That can sometimes be enough for someone who writes resumes to work with that doesn't require as much back and forth and may slightly reduce the costs of done-for-you services.You can also take the same job description and verbalize how you've done those tasks. If you use an online meeting tool, you can turn on transcripts and this reduces some of the work. Focus on making bullets. If it's easier, try doing this with note cards or sticky notes. Start with tasks if that's easiest: ran reports, directed people, etc. Pull from your old job descriptions. Each task gets its own sticky note or card. If you hit a point of feeling fried after this, come back another day and then start adding points: for who, to what effect to the business or customer? Again, this may be the point where you call in a lifeline or make a big long list to hand off to someone.If you know of people doing the job you want, you can also look at their LinkedIn or resumes. See what bullet points they have and modify those to fit your experience. Sometimes, high quality examples help. Tools like ChatGTP can generate examples. You'll still need to plug in your experience, but sometimes, it's easier to edit than create from scratch. Use this prompt: "draft a sample resume for this job description. Focus on bullets and use a skills based resume style. [job description]." You can have it draft different iterations by "draft another version using the same job description. Focus more on [customer service or other skill]."Tools like Teal may be a good start after this process in lieu of ChatGTP: This will help you judge what still needs adapted with your resume I wish I had better answers and I know this part is frustrating. Best of luck!
So many practical tips, thanks Bridget! I've rewritten my CV multiple times, and though I feel every time it's better and more concise, there are still some things in there that I cling to, and leave them regardless the job description I apply for. I'll definitely use some of the ideas you shared!
You could use a combo of GPT (for a foundation) then career website to see templates and then of course you could recruit help from friends/or members of this community!I genuinely don't believe in paying someone to redo your CV... perhaps that's a me thing though!
What’s the downside in paying someone $1,000? It sounds like it could be money well spent.
It's good to be careful since there are a lot of scam resume writers out there, or marginally qualified. I think $1,000 is an outrageous fee for anyone. Always ask for client references from these people too!
This is absolutely an option! And it's one I offer. :) Feel free to message me if you'd like to chat; I offer a resume rewrite for $300. My website is if you'd like to learn more.