Curious is HIRING 4 new roles (early stage start up, pre-seed round)

Posting on behalf of a friend - information attached below:

What’s Curious?

Curious is the world’s first game based learning platform that teaches Relationship & Sex Education (RSE), think Duolingo but for RSE.

Porn is now the go to source of Sex Ed and this is very worrying. Sexual harassment and assult hves become normalised within our schools and our sisters, daughters and nieces are the victims.

We started Curious because something has to be done to tackle this problem and we believe we have the answer. Research has shown that a game based approach to teaching Sex Ed is actually more effective than traditional methods yet no one has done it, until now.

What’s our goal?

Create the most effective learning tool in the sexual health field to facilitate safer, healthier sexual expression. Ultimately promoting happier, more respectful and more fulfilling relationships.

Current business stage

● Early stage startup, Pre-MVP

● Half way through our pre-seed funding round

● Spent the last year validating and refining the idea

● Have a basic prototype that is being developed into an MVP

● Current team is formed of Founder and Co-Founder (CTO), working with freelance sexeducators and game designers as well as a high profile board of directors / advisors

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking to expand and diversify the team by bringing in passionate individuals who want to disrupt the education sector and make a difference. Whether you have got multiple years of experience or you are looking for a new venture, this is your opportunity to join an exciting early stage startup. We’re looking for a:

Product Manager: You will manage the product throughout its lifecycle, gathering and prioritising product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with the development team.

Developer: You will initially focus on building a working MVP and then later develop the MVP into our first fully functional game, currently expected to be in the 2D space.

Illustrator: This game lives and dies based on its visual appeal for the target audience. You would be working with 2D illustration tools in order to build both a world and the characters within it.

Game Designer: You will be responsible for taking the sex education content and designing a game that is both educational and fun to play.

If you’re interested, please email and tell the team about yourself, your purpose for applying, and what you can bring to the Curious platform - [email protected]

Hi there! Is this only for people based in the UK?