Best ROI for finding new employees?

Hi all,

I've been looking to hire new employees and have tried many things including working my local networks and many others including Elpha.

I have not yet tried, and have reached out to my network at LinkedIn, but no cold emails to new people. What channel have you had the most success with finding, interviewing, onboarding and retaining new employees?

Elpha! We work with a number of partner companies that I am sure can share their own experience working with our talent team :)
I've had good return with Indeed for entry level to early/mid-career roles in e-com and retail in terms of number of qualified candidates applying and resulting hires. I wouldn't recommend Monster based on my experience. For mid-career/senior roles, I've found LinkedIn to be useful.
Indeed for more junior roles, LinkedIn for mid to senior roles. But the most important thing is your having sourcing, recruiting and hiring systems in place so that you have more chances at success in hiring the right people. Studies show that the way that most companies interview is no more of a predictive indicator of success than if you just hired someone blindly. Do you have budget for a 3rd party recruiter? There are several now that are budget-friendly to startups. LMK if you'd like any introductions. I coach founders through things like this, and I've got a long history in staffing. Feel free to book a call with me to talk it through