Taxes small startup?

Hi, we just completed our pre-seed and started to hire the initial key employees, was wondering if someone know a good accountant/ tax advisor that can help to have everything under control

rn i'm using Gusto but wanted to double check if everything is fine (especially State taxes) ty!

Where are you based? I've working with a US tax advisor who specializes in foreign assets, but I know he also works with founders and startups (in fact I _think_ the latter is usually his focus), and from what he's helped me with, I cannot recommend him enough.
Hi @teresaman I’m based in France, the company is a Delaware c corp with office in San Francisco - if you have any name that would be great ❤️ Thank you
For sure - could be worth for you to reach out and see! Feel free to DM me! (I can't as you're anon)
Done ;) thank you!