Looking for meaningful networking and new podcast guests!

Hi ladies,

I'm Anna, Growth & Partnerships, MarsX. I'm also a host for Mars Talks where I bring awesome founders/experts to share their knowledge of all things startup and their journey as entrepreneurs. I'm always on the lookout for more amazing people to talk to, learn their stories, and, of course, invite them to be guests!

Please, share your ideas and journeys, and suggest yourselves or fellow founders that you'd love to learn more about. I'd really appreciate it!

Here are a couple of recent videos we've done:

Hi @AnnaMarsX I'd love to be a guest! I've joined a few podcasts and I regularly facilitate webinars myself. You can find more about me here: .... Where can we find more info and/or you can email me at [email protected]! :)
Hi @rachelserwetz! Sounds amazing, I'll contact you on LinkedIn to follow up if that's ok with you.
For sure. My profile has my website as well and I always offer a free initial call.
Hi @AnnaMarsX would love to participate if you are still open to more guests :).
Absolutely! I contacted you on LinkedIn
This sounds like a great opportunity! I’d love to learn more
Hey! I'd love to be a guest if you'd have me. I own Business Laid Bare, and we work primarily with startups on creating their operations infrastructure, systems, and processes so that the everyday work experience, increasing profits, and creating lasting change happens with ease and pleasure. We have a signature framework called the Orgasmic Operations® Method...and let's just say...we LOVE well-lubricated business backends once we've whipped them into shape.I can totally chat about the importance of operations in startups and how that relates to ROI, employee retention, and customer happiness!You can check me out here: