Would love your feedback on YaYa - a place where busy women can connect and have real conversations

Have you experienced burnout in the past year? This is a question that I have been asking my female friends for the past couple weeks, and it was disheartening to realize that we’ve all been there. And it’s not only us. Burnout for women is a global crisis.Six women who had never met before came together for On Deck’s Global Build Weekend to start designing a solution to address burnout for women. From this collaboration, YaYa was born. YaYa is a place where busy women can connect and have real conversations with other women that have gone through similar experiences. We, as women, are tired of doing it all alone. YaYa is where we help each other so we don’t have to feel alone anymore.On Friday, we shared our beta app with over 750+ women who signed up for our waitlist. Thank you to all the women in this community that already signed up for YaYa - we would love your feedback to continue building a solution that support all of us. Please help us with this 3 minute survey - up here if you want to be included in the next release: Grateful to have worked with a group of amazing women on this launch: @JackieNeumann, @amandae, @nivivive, Kyleigh Smith and Carin Watson.
I definitely experienced burnout firsthand last year, which led me to work on this project! Excited to read these survey responses to learn how and in what areas of life women are looking for support. What's top of mind for you all?