Managers, founders, or booklovers looking to send the perfect gift?

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a few brave souls who are interested in testing out our new gifting service! If you have a team that you're planning on buying a gift for, this could be perfect for you!

How it works:

- You select books you like (ie "My favorite leadership books")

- Share a link with your team and individuals on your team pick which one they would like to receive and enter their shipping info.

- You ONLY pay for the books that were chosen. That's it!

Why? It's a simple solution to the age old problem, I need to buy a gift but I don't know what to buy. The simple truth is people like choice. By giving the receiver the ability to choose and the fact that you don't have to manage shipping (the receiver enters this info) or buy items people don't want is a win win for everyone.

Would you up for trying this out? There is no cost at all, we just want to learn before rolling this out more broadly in time for the holidays. Thanks for supporting a female owned startup, Elpha community!