Open marketing contractor role at a bootstrapped career tech startup!

WOKEN Marketing Manager

About WOKEN:

  • Company overview - WOKEN is a web-based platform to guide professionals through a step-by-step process of learning & reflection to clarify your ideal career path. From there, we guide a professional through upskilling decisions, improving personal branding, and efficiently job searching to land a role you’ll love.
  • Mission: waking up the world to remember you can and should find a job you love
  • Vision: top-notch career support for every working professional at every step in your journey
  • Accolades - NSF I Corps Grant, NYU Stern Venture Fellow, NYU InnoVention Competition Winner, $10K raised on iFundWomen; Bootstrapped
  • Core values/Culture - We value practicing what we preach (do what you’re great at), transparency, direct/frequent/proactive communication, giving & receiving feedback, iterating processes to strengthen outcomes, scrappiness, balancing efficiency with quality, avoiding the myth of multitasking, prioritizing to help us focus, operations, systemization, and measuring impact.
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Mission of the Position:

  • Drive awareness, leads, growth, and expansion for WOKEN

Expectations & Outcomes:

  • Land 40-50 demo calls per month with prospective clients by utilizing a variety of marketing methods
  • Increase organic website traffic MoM

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Perform a variety of marketing activities to build company awareness including:
  • Research potential partners for events, content, affiliate partnerships
  • Research and pursue opportunities where we can be featured or backlinked
  • Re-share our blogs and videos across a variety of social media platforms (WOKEN’s accounts - Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest) and other digital communities/groups/marketplaces/social media platforms
  • Create and schedule social media posts (for upcoming events)
  • Create and optimize email marketing (list of 3600+) including newsletters and optimizing open/click rates of existing flows (pre and post quiz, pre and post demo call, etc)
  • Improve systems and automations (i.e. sms and email flows) (pre and post-quiz sequences, pre- and post demo call flows)
  • Explore our backlog of 150+ ideas for lead generation to experiment with new tactics (upwork, etc)
  • Support SEO efforts to ensure we are utilizing keywords in content (blogs, videos, captions, etc)
  • Brainstorm and propose your own opportunities for lead generation
  • Support how to efficiently utilize and re-share a ton of existing content
  • Support decisions for overall strategy of which efforts will help achieve our monthly and quarterly goals for increasing demo calls
  • Lend marketing expertise to support website designer in utilizing best practices for our monthly website optimization efforts
  • Run monthly analytics process and identify areas for opportunity

Future Evolution of the Role:

  • CMO

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Has proven to drive lead generation or preferably landed and increased monthly b2c sales calls for a startup
  • Works well with CEO’s who have expertise in their field
  • Can effectively utilize a bank of existing content
  • Can delegate back to the CEO to share what new content they need
  • Can utilize efficient, scrappy ways of creating reach and awareness for a growing startup
  • Can easily prioritize which marketing efforts make the most sense given our time, budget, and goals and given that effort’s typical reach
  • Who aims to not recreate the wheel but rather leverage a) where we have reach (5200 personal LinkedIn followers, 1400 company followers on LinkedIn) and b) finding partners who have reach that can bring us along
  • 3-4 years of lead gen/marketing experience minimum, preferably in startup environments


  • $1800/month for 15 hours/week

How to Apply: