As a community of 50,000+ women who work in the tech industry, we asked Elpha members to anonymously rate and review how likely they are to recommend their workplaces to other women.

Out of thousands of responses, here are the companies that made the top 10 as women-friendly workplaces. We’ve broken them out into two categories — big companies (more than 500 employees) and startups (fewer than 500 employees). We are publishing the top 10 women-friendly workplaces as a dynamic list that will change as more ratings and reviews are submitted. The top companies today may very well not be the top companies next time we report. Please submit your company review here.

Our hope is that this list celebrates companies that our members rate highly, and that it provides an opportunity to learn from the companies that are creating environments where our members want to work, so other companies can follow in their footsteps. Read our insights.