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🚀 Mission

Elpha is on a mission to help women succeed at work. Right now we’re focused on tech, so our members tend to have backgrounds in engineering, product, design, marketing, sales and venture, among many other fields. We meet each woman wherever she’s at personally and professionally, and aim to help her get wherever she'd like to go. We know success at work means something different to everyone, so we accomplish our mission in three main ways:

The Elpha Talent Pool connects you directly with tech’s leading workplaces that align with your cultural values and skills. You tell us what you care about at work, and we introduce you directly to companies who share those same values. Read more about the Elpha Talent Pool.

The Elpha Community is our high-caliber network of 50K+ women navigating our careers together. When you join The Talent Pool, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Elpha community (for free). Our members are professional women who ask for and offer career advice 24/7. You can even ask anonymous questions if you’d like input on a sensitive issue.

Elpha Resources provide practical advice about a wide range of career-related topics written by the Elpha team. We write about common challenges and situations that Elpha members are already talking about, pulling together some of the top advice into actionable guides. Our articles explore topics like choosing a career path, launching a startup, finding a job, navigating challenges in the workplace, and much more.

💥 Values

We pride ourselves at Elpha on having our internal team values match the values that govern the Elpha community. In both cases, we always work toward being:

  • Direct: We strive to always be straightforward, honest and open with each other. We encourage candid conversations, even about taboo and uncomfortable topics, in an effort to learn from and support each other.
  • Optimistic: We assume best intentions with each other, and try to identify constructive and valuable insights, even in difficult situations.
  • Practical: We focus on real-world experiences and applying knowledge to improve our lives and accomplish our goals. When we need support, we look to our teammates and members to share advice, expertise, and lived experiences.

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