Interested in a meet-and-greet?

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Maybe call it an SF one? I'm in the south bay by the other big tech companies, and while I consider myself as Bay Area, I wouldn't always want to participate in an SF one. I'm always a fan of meet ups with other Elphas!!
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I'm happy to do a San Jose meet-and-greet!
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I recently move up North and am living in the South Bay. I would love to get together with some of you SF Elpha women! Let me know if you are planning a meet-up.
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I'm game for one! I live in the East Bay but am glad to come into SF.
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Interested in an SF one! Always a pleasure meeting other Elphas. Thanks :).
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Yes!! We've had Ladies Get Paid brunches in SF. The Grove and some other spots have the space to accommodate bigger brunch/coffee groups.
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I'm based in Palo Alto but am happy to come to SF! Always fun connecting with other ambitious women!
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Would love to join one in SF!