Intro Thread!

Please reply to this thread introducing yourself! Please include:Preferred name [in this community]:Pronouns [in this community]:Blurb:Asks:Offers:
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Preferred name: JennyPronouns: she/her/hersBlurb: 20yr in data and/or engineering, founding Woodlamp Technologies (no online presence yet): building data science and analytics tools, thinks deeply about theoretical mathematical foundations of computer science, more Haskell and Lisp than CAsks: Lonely as a technologist! Launching in San Francisco, would love co-working buddies! Also would love to connect over formal mathematical treatment of time as well as dependent type systems!Offers: Engineering management advice, being scrappy and lean, help looking to the core of a value prop to see what is non-negotiable in bootstrapping
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Preferred name: FannyPronouns: she/her/hersBlurb: 15yrs in full-stack (front-end, back-end, database, etc). CTO & CoFounder of Evertio, legal-tech company. If software biz is like restaurant biz, I've paid my dues aka started as a software "dishwasher".Asks: Management advice, executive-level strategy, negotiation skillsOffers: Nerds in-the-field perspective, small businesses insights