Fellow Engineers for Side Hustle?

Hi Elpha,

I'm a software engineer with 24 years in industry, mostly in data. I'm also the technical co-founder of a failed startup so I've done this sort of thing before (unsuccessfully).

I'm looking for fellow technical co-founders for a startup. The goal is to be revenue generating prior to taking the full-time leap.

I'm open to folks with all levels and types of experience. Collaboration, ownership, and adaptability are key.

The initial product vision is a SQL IDE for a primary customer persona of analysts, support, engineers, and other SQL users. The IDE is intended to be heavily augmented with novel UX in the form of visualizations that assist with composing and debugging SQL expressions.

Technical things I want to learn in the process:

  1. Typescript, HTML, SVG, and canvas for embedded and interactive GUI controls.
  2. Integration with platforms like VS Code.
  3. Rust to WASM for a local process LSP server.
  4. SQL parsing at the level necessary for autosuggest, autocomplete, and transformations.

Again, I'm open to all levels and types of experience who want to learn, launch something through a product launch lifecycle, and perhaps make some money.

I've managed small engineering teams before and have mentored at Hackbright. I've also led small groups and written and developed learning content with Women Who Code. I'm also very open to collaborating with seniors.

I'm particularly interested in collaborating with:

  1. UX enthusiasts passionate about novel UIs.
  2. Data professionals passionate about data tools.
  3. Those passionate about tool making as a key part of being a master craftsperson.
  4. Those passionate about programming language design and implementation.

Take a look at my LinkedIn. I don't have much on my GitHub; I'm not much of an open source contributor. My GitHub does have content I developed for Women Who Code.