Hiring for remote jobs? Get featured on Elpha

Hello Elphas!

We are excited to create a resource that features remote job postings along with tactical job search advice. If your company or employer is actively hiring for remote positions, please fill out this form.

While we would love to feature everyone, we will only consider applications that are currently hiring and can provide valuable job search advice (e.g. how to stand out in your company's specific industry, how to showcase remote work competencies, common mistakes remote candidates make and how to avoid them, preparing for virtual interviews, evaluating remote company culture, etc.).

Please fill out the form by Wednesday, May 22nd to be considered for the feature.

Thanks in advance for sharing your time and knowledge with us!

Love this Josefina! Will be an excellent resource for folks looking i hope. @kimwilkes at Zapier DUH! :) @rasheedatlawal then maybe @SarahL09 @lizstanley1146 @amberdorst @shermansarah @lizsdregas @jessicaholland @Lucija @galloliz @caitlynconner will be interested in posting any relevant remote roles?
Thank you, Iynna! I just filled out the form. :) Appreciate you thinking of me, as always!
Aw anytime, dear!