If I were to say finding Co-Founders needs an algorithm, would you believe?Featured

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I couldn't agree more with all of these points! Sadly many of us (you and me, I think!) learn this the hard way. Co-founder relationships in startups are SO important. It's critical to match your values systems, set expectations for the workplace culture, and define your roles and communication paths BEFORE you commit. All of these things can be tweaked with time - especially roles, and communication is something that deserves a retrospective frequently - but if you and potential partners are unable to discuss and commit to something upfront, that's a red flag that you'll have problems down the road. Thanks for writing this @Nida, words of wisdom for future entrepreneurs!
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I know people say you don't need a cofounder. Data suggest that it might be advantageous not to have one (https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/2-founders-are-not-always-better-1). But in my experience, having a cofounder injects joy into the journey daily.We spend a lot of time talking about finding a cofounder -- for good reason -- but sometimes neglect relationship management. My cofounder and I have a shared coach and do all of our sessions together. Sometimes we even receive coaching on the relationship, not us as individuals (ie what does the relationship want you two to know in this moment?). Highly recommend.I wrote a blog post about this here: https://blog.topknot.app/blog/best-money-spent-cofoundersThanks for writing this, and a heavy plus one to waiting until you find the right person as defined by your values and needs.
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I'm in the process now of building my team and was approached by someone who said I want to be your co-founder. I've been in the trenches for almost 2 years now and on one hand YES, please join me and on the other I ask, do I want to marry this person? I'm going slow and will utilize your SWOT analysis to peel back some layers and see if this is truly a "match". Melissa
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Hi! thanks for this article. I am a newbie startup founder and going through the process of finding a technical co-founder (complementing my skill sets). How important do you all feel that you need to be in the same city/share the same workspace or is a long distance co.founder relationship manageable/good? I met a co.founder through co founders lab . He is based in Rome and I am based in Milan- so a 1 hr flight. I know that I have more flexibility than him to move (he has another startup in Rome and his wife/dogs) while I am single and only focused on this startup. Thoughts?