Any Elpha launching/has launched a startup in Africa?

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Tagging @iynna in case she has connections for you!
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Thank you @teresaman for thinking of me :-)Love this topic @FridahKanini! You may want to check out this post by @Mumbi and @steffy89 who is well versed in the African tech ecosystem :)I am going to answer those (in no particular order)Yes I started working on one a few years ago, in Cameroon (my home country) but did not follow through for diverse reasons. It was a social enterprise in the sanitation (toilet access) space. As for the challenges I faced, definitely the lack of sense of urgency, and sometimes straight up lack of professionalism (people would not show up on time or scheduling a meeting seemed like the most daunting task), corruption (ie. having to pay to get things done faster when frankly I did not need to, just because I have America written all over my face) To answer 4. So many pros and I am so glad you did not ask the cons because we all know there are there but sadly the world only focuses on that, I like to be hopeful here. 1) We are the youngest continent meaning the opportunities for startup creation, young talent, and a larger consumer market are HUGE2) Africa has historically been the continent that was lagging behind but that also means leapfrogging is what we do well - think about the TMT sector over 2 decades ago (with mobile banking and now the utilisation of blockchain in the agtech or payment space to name a few) 3) Africa is 54 countries, 54 completely different markets. ie increased chances for new opportunities, it can seem fragmented but if done well the returns can be very big4) a growing middle / upper class - think of all the repats who have a strong buying power and are moving the needle to grow the service-driven industries (I am thinking of things like marketplace centered on "convenience business" e.g ride-hailing, online delivery etc) There are many more but I will stop there :)