Resume/Cover Letter: Customer Operations/Remote Work

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Hi there - We had a resume writer come speak to our talent network at Prowess Project, her top recommendations were 1) Quantify every bullet, add a # to help give context to what you were doing 2) Search through the Alumni network within LinkedIn for connections to jobs 3) remove the "objective". I'm happy to introduce you to her if you're interested. Good luck!
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Hi there! I do provide resume services - my first job was supporting people through the job search process so I have kept offering these services as a freelancer since then. It would start with a chat of what you are looking for and then we go from there. If you are interested, send me a DM. Cheers!
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Hey, I worked in an HR role before and would love to review your resume and cover letter for you. Just DM me and we can get started :)