Reflections from Zapier's Deep Focus Week (DFW)

I just wrapped up another productive Deep Focus Week (DFW), which is Zapier's quarterly ritual of no-meetings week. ✖ By eliminating meetings for a week, we’re able to create dedicated time for enhanced productivity, creativity, and well-being.I shared my tips and key learnings with our talent org and thought I’d share a few of them here as well. I put many of these practices to use on a regular basis (not just during DFW), and it has helped me push my highest priority work forward faster and accomplish my goals without feeling stressed.📆 Plan Ahead: Look ahead 2-3 weeks, consider your key priorities, and align them with your calendar. Blocking your calendar helps ensure you have enough time to tackle everything.🎯 Prioritize: Categorize tasks as high, mid, or low priority based on impact and deadlines. Know what you have to get done and what can be tackled later.⏱️ Work in Sprints: Dedicate several hours or a day for focused work to advance important projects. I do this every week!🚶‍♀️ Take Breaks: Incorporate short breaks, exercise, go for a walk, or visit a cafe for a change of scenery. These can help maintain productivity without burnout. I spent a few days working at a local cafe overlooking the bay (photo included in this post!), and it was such a nice way to mix things up.🔄 Reflect: Review daily progress and adjust priorities as needed to ensure tasks are completed efficiently.🎉 Celebrate Wins: Acknowledge your accomplishments! Even if you don’t accomplish everything on your to-do list, celebrate your wins. Then, make a plan to tackle the remaining priorities.Do any of these practices resonate with you? What else would you add to this list?