Any elphas in Mar del Plata, Argentina?

Looking to meet up to empower our networks and create together!

Hello Paula! this is so exciting, I didn't know about Mar Del Plata so I looked it up and it looks stunning. Are you based there permanently?I think most of our Elphas are in BA but tagging a few just in case and who knows some might be travelling then! @carolinaarrigone @mariapezman @vanesaboulet @veronicaperez @paulamonticelli (I am however not sure they are in Argentina right now?) you also have @lauragiorgi and then @agustinakramer @katiestamey @JosefinaRaposo @ who I am pretty sure are in BA but who knows maybe they will travel :) and also @celesteortiz, @mlhalling who I think is doing a commute between the US and ArgentinaRegardless of their locations, hopefully this gives you a starting point to build a community in Argentina!
Hey Iynna, I'm glad you've liked our city! Maybe someday we could host the first elpha's event in Argentina here ;) Thanks a lot for connecting and collaborating with my network here. Best!
Iโ€™m in Cรณrdoba ๐Ÿ™‚
Heyyy!! Quรฉ provincia mรกs linda! Great to know you!
This is so exciting, Paula! I'm based in BA, though right now I'm traveling until mid November. I hope to be able to organize something for when I'm back if you're able to join!
Hey Jose! Of course! Let's keep in touch! Enjoy your trip :)
I'm in Buenos Aires!
Amazing! I'm not in BA yet, but will be mid-November. I'd love to meet up for coffee!
Yes, sounds good! I'll be here. Let me know how you'd like to coordinate
I'll be in CABA on November 15 and 16th. If that works for both of you @Josefina and @jessicaaerdman , it's a date! haha
Perfect. Yes, I'll be there!