Age of Existential Crisis: Follow up for my November rant

👋 Hi Elpha Community,

I wanted to provide an update on my job search journey and continue seeking support from this amazing community.

📖 Update on My Journey:

Since my last post (11/8/23), I've been diligently refining my job search strategy and networking efforts in pursuit of a role in government contracting consulting, compliance, and or business development. I've taken proactive steps to enhance my skills, expand my professional network, and tailor my applications to align with my career aspirations.

🌟 What I'm Doing:

  • Networking: I've been actively connecting with professionals in my target industries on LinkedIn and attending virtual events to expand my network.
  • Skill Development: I'm committed to continuous learning and will my bachelors in 2025 to strengthen my qualifications.
  • Resume Optimization: updating my resume with every* application I send in.

🙏 Seeking Referrals and Advice:

I'm reaching out to this community once again in the hopes of finding a referral or valuable advice. If you or someone you know is hiring for roles in government contracting, compliance, or business development, I would be incredibly grateful for a referral. I am open to relocating and also remote/hybrid/in-office roles.

Additionally, I'm open to any feedback or insights that could further enhance my job search strategy. Your support and guidance mean a lot to me as I navigate this journey.

📄 Resume Request:

I've attached an updated resume for your reference. Any feedback or suggestions on how I can further optimize it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Let's connect, collaborate, and help each other succeed in our careers!



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Hi Sadie! I’m new to this community and commend you for all the work you are doing in this tough job market! I think your resume bullets are great and use numbers to grab attention appropriately. One minor suggestion, have you thought of swapping your education and skills section? It might put more prominence on those hard skills and you have enough work experience that education can be further down. Just my two cents! Sending you good vibes on your search!
Hi Liz, thanks! Yes, it is now, I used this resume for a job fair after drafting resume for law school applications (not applying for another year as I still need to finish my bachelor's) and education goes first.