Are you in a career low?

Do you feel like you’re wasting years because you’re in a job that isn’t going to last?

You’re not alone!

Successful people have lows and feel line they f-up!

Or at least they feel that way at some point during their career journey.

F’ing Up Podcast's latest guest, Laila Ghambari, shares about a time in her career when she felt she wasted a year of her life. She was unhappy with her career during that period. You can listen to Laila's full story using the links below.



Laila Ghambari knows success. She worked her way up in the coffee world, from Barista to Executive, all without a college degree. She even competed in the US Barista Championship in 2014 and won. Though she worked her way to the top, her journey did not come without challenges, with experiences such as poor work culture and burnout.



The F’ing Up Podcast is dedicated to sharing real truths about the career journeys of successful individuals.

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Society has programmed us, largely by way of social media, to think success happens easily and overnight. Deanne points out the realities and humanizes the experience by asking probing questions and urging guests to be vulnerable.

You’ll be surprised what guests share, from being fired to assisting family out of addiction while trying to start in a career - all guests have captivating and relatable experiences.

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I definitely do not believe in the concept of a wasted year and i'd highly encourage folks to refrain from thinking this way.There's definitely always learnings to take and some might be really uncomfortable or those we wish to ignore, but they are still learnings and that's the only way to course correct. + I think being overly backward looking is not a productive way of designing one's life.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That’s what the F’ing Up Podcast is all about! Have a listen!
cant wait!
Excited to listen as I definitely feel like I’m in a wasted year right now!
Thank you for sharing. I hope these real stories bring some amount of hope. Even the most successful people experience these feelings throughout their career.
Good listen! I don’t know anyone in the coffee industry so really enjoyed the new perspective
Thanks for listening! So glad you enjoyed. There are so many great guests/episodes. Let me know if you have something specific you’d like to hear about and I can recommend an episode.