I launched a podcast, F'ing Up, in January 2023 to address the falsities in the way society has programmed individuals, largely by way of social media, to think success happens easily and overnight. F'ing Up gives the ideal audience, someone either just starting out in their career or actively considering a pivot, an opportunity to understand the realities. As the host, I interview successful individuals, point out what they’ve achieved and immediately throw that information out the window and focus on the tripping hazards along the way. I highlight the tough realities and humanize the experience of the career journey.

I've received great feedback from individuals regarding how relatable the content is to their life. F'ing Up shares the raw truth and helps people feel normal in their own career journey.

Please take an opportunity to listen to a few episodes of F’ing Up via F’ or your preferred platform (Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, etc.). Episodes are released every other week on Wednesdays. To stay up to date regarding the podcast, follow along via social media on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Welcome @deannerhynard! I can confirm that her podcast is fantastic - it manages to be educational, motivating and entertaining. Highly recommend checking it out!