Using Intuition to Power Your BusinessFeatured

Ever-progressive work processes and emerging technologies can provide business leaders with the kind of spot-on, incisive information needed for making strategically effective decisions. But the most successful strategists and entrepreneurs always go one step further because they’ve learned that data alone is not enough.

What they’ve learned, and what you also know instinctively, is that intuition is part of our intelligence and it plays a powerful role in any successful endeavor.

When you harness the power of intuition, you give your brain the space to work in creative ways to lead from your heart, with clarity and confidence. It’s what some people often call those “aha” moments.

As a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and former head of Rhode Island’s Women’s Business Center I have firsthand experience watching how powerful it is when you take a leap of faith, listen and trust your gut instinct, inner voice or heart.

But what is intuition exactly? Very simply, it’s the ability to know something without analytical reasoning. Think of it as an imaginary bridge that exists between the conscious and non-conscious part of our mind. While it is said to be an innately feminine quality, it is present in both men and women. It is actually a superpower for women, a sixth sense. I can attest that my intuition has guided me my whole life.

As an entrepreneur, if I worked solely using statistics and data, I would be misguided. Data collects statistics from the past, but what happens when a global pandemic hits or new trends occur?

Entrepreneurship requires coupling logic with intuition. Think about how we add artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance our business; intuition can be viewed as an added intelligence from the earth and your surroundings to bring your ideas to life.

Business culture in the U.S. has always been very much focused on facts and research, but smart business people have begun to realize that relying solely on what’s been done before isn't working. Labor shortages and supply chain issues show us this. There has been an energetic paradigm shift and people are using their intuition to innovate and make better business decisions.

Entrepreneurs have a higher than average risk tolerance and an innovative DNA. The true essence of entrepreneurship is about intuition. It is revealed to all of us, if we pause, listen and trust. Are you acknowledging your intuition?

You might also think of intuition as a drawerful of experience and feeling just waiting to be retrieved. Developing a trust in intuition and that your own hunches or heightened sensations will provide you with the answers and creativity you need in any given situation, comes with practice.

Initial steps to develop intuition include:

1) Recognizing it as a heart or gut feeling…is it giving you insight?

2) Acknowledging it - taking time to sit and acknowledge the intuitive impressions (thoughts, ideas and information) that are coming through.

3) Interpreting it - grasp it, study it, experience it. With practice, you will quickly know if you are heading in the right direction.

When you listen to your voice, the possibilities are endless. It is a valuable resource for growth, co-creation and a key to innovation. Feel the pull, open your heart to the expansion and discover new networks, relationships and opportunities. Once you experience it, you will put doubt aside and share your unique gifts to uplevel the world.