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I'm a product manager, formerly at Facebook and Stripe where I built social impact products. At Facebook, I spent 6 years on an ambitious mission to bring the next billion users onto the internet, because 50% of people are still offline. At Stripe, I helped startups start and build their businesses. Prior to product management, I led product growth and growth marketing strategies at Google and Rocket Internet. I’m obsessed with ways to make the world a better place; you’ll find me advising startups in emerging markets, teaching product management on my YouTube channel, and coaching people in their careers. On weekends, you’ll find me leading walking food tours in New York City and playing hours of badminton.

I’ve had no shortage of challenges in my career so…

Ask me about: recovering from severe work burnout, working with difficult managers and toxic teams, transitioning careers, imposter syndrome, working on unresourced teams, learning to be technical.

Also ask me about: building social impact products, coaching and mentoring, leadership and team management, product management interviews, being a content creator, juggling side hustles.

Join us this Friday at 4pm ET / 1pm PT for the Live Office Hour!


Edit: For those of you who've missed it, our call recording is here!

Password: LiveOH@ElphaJuly2023

Thanks so much for joining us @diannayau!Elphas – please ask @diannayau your questions by Thursday, July 27th. @diannayau will answer these questions and any live ones on the call!We may not have time to get to all questions, so emoji upvote your favourites 🔥👍🏾➕Note: we will update this post will a link to the recording afterwards.
Thank you so much @diannayau for your time this week! I am excited for this Live OH! First off you are EXTREMELY cool! I spent a lot of time in the social impact space as a founder and an investor so I love meeting people building in the space. What were the highlights and lowlights in your roles at all these firms? What's next for you career wise and personally (if you're open to sharing of course)
Hi Dianna - thanks for doing this! What did you learn from dealing with both under-resourced teams and imposter syndrome? my fear is not being able to tell what are things I should be developing in myself and where I should be asking for help.
Thanks so much for hosting this! @diannayau super excited for this!My Q: As someone who has worked in the nonprofit + gov sectors as a project manager, I'd love any advice or insights you have on how to make a successful transition from nonprofit project / program management to social impact product management. I've struggled with major imposter syndrome as I think about how to make the leap, so any advice is so appreciated! Also curious about how you've gained those technical skills.Thanks so much again!
Dianne, you're so inspiring! Thank you for spending time with us. What have been the best resources for you to learn and improve yourself as a PM? Did you take extra classes, read books, leaned on mentors? I'd love to know more how you were able to leveling yourself up especially having had such diverse experiences?
Thank you @diannayau for doing this!I would like to know how you handle working on a technical product, “learning to be technical”, when the product is so technical that most people on the UX & PM team barely understand it, and then imposter syndrome sets in.Excited to hear from you!
Hello @diannayau. I appreciate your time and preparation to share your wisdom and insights! What companies or industries have you found the most fulfilling to work for? How would suggest finding companies that have inspiring missions but that you don't have to give up your life to work for? Thank you!
Hi Dianna, thank you so much for your time! The company I work for hosts quarterly Women in Leadership sessions where amazing women come to talk (via Zoom) to women in the company about anything finance, impostor syndrome, time management, relationships, challenges, etc. We always try to have a women from the tech sector, if you'd be interested please let me know.
Hi @diannayau! I'm really looking forward to the event tomorrow. I'm a mid-level UX Designer and have an opportunity to pivot to a PM role. If I decide to go back to design, would a "detour" into PM hinder me? Also what skills do you think someone with a long visual creative background (UX Designer, former commercial photographer) would need to cultivate to be a successful PM? Thank you!
In tech companies, how do you deal with the reverence for technical skills (developers, data scientists) as a PM? Did you experience any condescending treatment as a PM? How do you interact with the technical colleagues to create successful products ?
Hi Dianna, I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences! As someone working on a career transition, I'm curious about the best way to network with those in the tech industry, especially coming from a non-traditional, non-corporate background.
Hi @diannayau - I had my first product case study interview (for a data science role) and I found it really hard to think in the interview setting. Even basic tips like asking clarifying questions were difficult. But when it was over, it was easier to think through what I could have said. As someone who have interviewed so many candidates while you were at Facebook, Stripe and other companies, do you have any tips for someone like me (who may not be natural at speaking through product sense questions) to think clearly and speak with clarity in interviews?
Hi Dianna! How did you overcome periods of burnout throughout your career and what advice do you have to sustainably grow your career and ambition over one's lifetime? I've always found it very difficult to balance feelings of burnout with a desire to obtain tremendous growth and learning, and a goal to make the most out of my fast-paced tech job. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the session!
Appreciate the opportunity for your insight! I'm wondering with all of the frenzy in eCom for new digital payment platforms, what kind of impact do you think FedNow will have from the product side? What about for products like Roblox, etc. that have limitations? Thanks!
Thank you for sharing your insight @diannayau! Thank you @iynna and @Josefina for organizing and hosting!
Aw, thanks for joining us, Megan!
Thank you sooo much for coming Megan! So glad it was a good session for you ♥️
Thank you so much @diannayau for the session this evening. It was insightful.