What is Conscious Motherhood?

While the response is truly catered to each individual and each momma, an overall consensus is that to be a conscious mother is simply to have our eyes wide open

Our eyes and hearts wide open to the many emotions and experiences that come within motherhood⁣

There is no right or wrong way to experience motherhood - we simply journey to be awakened through it all

To be conscious ⁣

To be listening⁣

To have empathy⁣

To have reasoning⁣

To have understanding⁣

And to have grand expansion⁣

Motherhood allows us to have a plethora of emotions at once⁣

What is truly spectacular is that it’s actually an evolution of you, momma⁣

While our children and circumstances have allowed us to step into this role, this role is still and will always be a heightened expression of your true self⁣

A heightened experience of testing your limits, your patience, your divine ability to love endlessly⁣

Motherhood is a reflection of you momma⁣

And a transformative journey like this needs a tender heart and a compassionate soul⁣

An awakened soul willing to do the necessary inner work so we don’t get lost in the darkness in times of doubt or confusion⁣

A conscious momma who can look inward and find herself through the stressful days⁣

A conscious momma who doesn’t want the generational trauma that was passed onto her to be passed onto her children⁣

So we welcome the healing journey for all the good and all the bad⁣

We walk into healing ourselves with our eyes wide open

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