Job Search Help

Hi all!!

I was part of the March Meta layoff and have been actively on the job hunt since then. I haven't made a full post here yet but wondering if anyone on here can help me to anyone in their network!

I've been in Talent Acquisition space for the past 8 years in both agency and corporate settings. My agency experience was in a boutique where I was able to work directly with various tech clients (not really doing MSP-type of work). The past 5 years I have been managing teams and I really love supporting the growth of my team.

In this downtime I've been getting certified in things I've always had interest in. I completed the Coursera Google Data Analytics course and the Managing Human Resources course; I'm currently working on the Front End Development course from Meta (the irony is not lost on me). What prompted me to take these is that I've always been really interestd in data and very fulfilled when I have to solve problems at work or drive the success of my team with a deep understanding of the data available to us. I'm not looking to pivot careers into these areas, just having fun learning more and, ideally, bringing these skills into a new role soon.

I'm based in New Jersey but comfortable commuting to NYC in a hybrid model, being fully remote, or I'm even open to relocation for the right opportunity. The TA space is a tough sell right now and I'm definitely not naive to that but I'm not ready to give up hope and switch paths entirely. If you know anyone, I would be so grateful for an intro!

Thank you x1000!


Hi Megan!I am sincerely sorry to hear about the layoffs and that things have been quite tough on the recruiting front. It is true overall tech took a hit and I have seen more and more of our new members are people in the TA/People management space :( While I don't have a role right now to refer you to, I have thoughts on where you might be taking your career (considering your interest in data etc).@sarahing is building in the hiring space and leveraging AI so maybe you two should connect? Another thought is to look at potentially consulting these startups that are building in the data HR space, I feel like there may be some opportunities for you to build up your network and skills to figure out what might be a good next move. And if you do decide to stick to the TA space, are you part of any of the Slack communities for professionals in these roles? OneReq or Peoplepeople
Thank you so much for your response, Iynna! I was not part of those slack communities so I just went ahead and joined. Really helpful! I am definitely interested in consulting startups building HR spaces. I think I'm struggling with a little bit of imposter syndrome since the job hunt has made me feel like I'm not qualified for anything anymore. But working to tackle that. I'll definitely take a look at what @sarahing is up to! Thank you again.