​[Career Promotion Myth #15] If I'm getting great feedback, I'll get promoted


Positive feedback feels so good! Especially the non-specific kind:

Patricia is an experienced manager.

Patricia is very knowledgeable.

Patricia is a hardworking employee.

But it's the perfect trap. You feel good but there's nothing behind.

Why are you receiving this unhelpful feedback? Some clues

- Boss doesn’t know how to provide feedback.

- Boss doesn’t want to have meaningful conversations about your gaps.

- Boss doesn't care about your career.

In the meantime, you

- feel appreciated

- expect that the praise will translate into a promotion

- don’t engage in meaningful discussions about your career progression

If that's your plan for 2023, let me tell you that you're probably in denial.

You can wishful-think yourself into the idea that the new year fairy is going to deliver a promotion but chances are that by the end of January this feel-good mirage will have disappeared.

What to do instead if you are receiving “non-specific” positive feedback? Ask your manager for specifics

- What's the value you provided to the business last year?

- What are your 3 most significant contributions last year?

This is excellent advice, thank you for sharing! Generic but positive feedback feels good, but it also can mean your manager isn't paying close attention to you. You're probably thinking about a promotion and they aren't!