Two key actions to diversify leadership in your organisation

We often refer to the “workforce of the future” as an umbrella term to refer to young people starting – or about to start - in the job market. We mostly focus on those people’s hard skills, needs, and wants so they “choose us” as their workplace and “fit” in our culture.

Last week, I attended a webinar about how to enroll male allies so they support women at the C- and Board levels.

The speaker – Murat Yeşildere Senior Partner at Egon Zehnder – shared two statements that gave me pause. They summarize two key steps to embed diversity at the core of all organizations.

1. “No country has solved this [lack of diversity in boards] without some kind of regulated process [quotas/targets]”

2. “Hire for the culture of the future, not for the culture you have today”

Back to you:How are you ensuring that you’re hiring for the culture you aspire to?

Define that culture in terms of behaviors. Culture can itself be exclusionary or become a catch-all for "doesn't fit" in discriminatory ways. Culture is an outward behavioral expression of a shared set of values.
Spot on @MaggieRuvoldt! I agree that organizations should define culture in terms of behaviours, For example, looking at ceremonies, symbols, and stories. How meetings are conducted? Whose job gets highlighted in the all-hands? How does our website look like? Who are the company's heroes?