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👋🏻 If you're excited about what @claires shared in this post, we're running two free workshops this week around getting clarity on a goal (using powerful questions!) if you want to learn more about the Topknot process. Sign up here:
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I've recently also noticed the effect of asking powerful questions. Instead of just nodding on and asking veiled questions, I've realized asking genuine curious questions, helps the other person reflect on their situation and start thinking towards figuring out an action plan regarding the situation they are in, rather than just ranting about it (Although that is also therapeutic at times)Asking yourself powerful questions leads you to a path of discovering your ideals, beliefs, values. Getting to know what you believe in, who you are to you, your choices and actions, etc. All of these powerful questions, when reflected upon, help you get to know yourself. I just joined the elpha community and this post was the first thing I saw. It really made me examine my thoughts and contemplate. Thank you for this post. :)
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Thank you for this reply! I resonate with so much, including that the occasional rant is necessary. I'm glad the post spoke to you.
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Thank you for this post! I agree with your sentence about the best questions being formed when we are focused on who's sharing. The most powerful questions come from actively listening to someone to understand them rather than to simply respond - which I feel is what happens in most conversations.Also just signed up for your workshop! I'm excited :)
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Yay on both accounts. See you Sunday.
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I was super excited to see this post! As a journalist and UX designer/researcher asking good questions is key, but oftentimes we think it's something easy to do, while the opposite is the case. I created a free mini online course for anyone looking for an asynchronous experience. I cover the difference between open and closed-ended questions, how to compose neutral open-ended questions, and format them with curiosity in mind in order to gain insight into the users' point of view,
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Powerful questions in the wild! Thanks for sharing this resource.
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Thank you for bringing up this very important topic! It's always wonderful to see others get excited about asking good powerful questions as much as I do.
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This is so important! We're conditioned to give "the answer" more frequently than we realize, even veiled as questions. It's something I'm working on, personally - and it takes real practice (plus putting your ego on the back-burner).
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👏 that 👏 awareness 👏