Your thoughts on measuring performance and progress

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I love this reflection so much, because my definition of success has completely transformed over the last couple of years. What I used to measure: -How much am I earning? -How often am I traveling? (pre-COVID passion)-What are our MoM growth rates? (last startup)-How many people are impacted by my work?What I measure now:-Am I expanding? -Am I iterating?-Are my relationships (personal, work, customers) flourishing deeply? (vs. widely) -Am I experiencing this moment with more ease than tension?Taking a page out of Simone Biles book: Am I being true to myself here? After a whole life of “do” based auto-pilot, the “be” metrics have opened me up to a whole new perspective (and are more resilient to the ebbs and flows of life/business, to me).TopKnot looks like a great resource to connect women asking these questions! Thanks for the prompt to think it through.
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Love the deeply versus widely framing for relationships. Thanks for sharing that!