What does 'directional clarity' look/feel/sound like?

I am talking to people who made recent-ish career shifts to make the intangibles of decision-making feel more tangible.

This week I talked to @clarama about her first spidey-senses that made her realize she needed to start Ask a Chief of Staff. Our conversation is found here. I particularly love the idea of trying to put something out of your brain, but it keeps sneaking back as a way to know that you're headed in a fruitful direction...

What has permission to explore a new path (aka directional clarity, but not yet certainty) looked/felt/sounded like for you?

I work with clients to explore potential new ways to use what they know and can do in new ways for more satisfaction and to achieve their goals. One key way is to talk to people in those fields in information-gathering conversations. There are lots of ways depending on your skills & interests.