Survey about women's health

Hello👋! In A Woman's Body is working on an app to help women learn more about menstrual health, body shame and pain during sex.We need your help in order to better understand the needs of women regarding these topics. If you are a woman living in Europe between the ages of 25 and 35 you are an ideal candidate for this survey! Feel free to participate if you don't exactly meet the criteria but are interested in the topic. Thank you so much for taking the time to participate! Please note that the identities of the participants will be kept anonymous and confidential, and will be used for research purposes only.
Filled out (though I live in the US!)I've also removed your duplicate post and shared this in Health & Wellness, as well as Asks!
Thank you!
Same as Teresa! Filled out but living in US.
I’m in South Africa but this stuff is universal so I filled it out anyway.
Thank you! :)
Sounds like a great resource! I filled out the form though I am located in the US. Good luck!
Filled out, and I'm in Europe (Ireland), however I'm a little older than your required demographic - and also older than your survey allows :) The themes are still relevant and I think part of my answer was informed by what I would have liked when I was 20 years younger. Best of luck