This is my mum's story of when she arrived in London, UK from India in the '70s.Highly educated for a woman of that time in India - but struggled to find opportunities when she arrived in the UK, for various reasons...She's not ready to share a photo of her just yet, she felt a little shy and vulnerable being exposed in that way - so I have shared a photo of a fingerprint Indian flag!I never took the time to sit down with my mum to ask her about her life in the UK and wasn't able to hear my dad's story as he passed away when I was sixteen. And so I recently interviewed her and one of many as I want to start sharing the experiences and give people a voice - people that came to the UK in the '60s and '70s...before it's too late to capture the stories of these amazing and inspirational people, that arrived to start a new life.These stories need to be shared for everyone to read, understand, learn and perhaps even discuss and pass on to generations to come...a book I am writing to do just that.You can read about her story here:
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Shreya, I love that you are doing this! It is so important to keep a record of these stories. I am excited about the book so please let us know when it is available for purchase!
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Thanks for your support Iynna - It's still a long way off yet - but I'm getting there :-)