šŸ˜¤ Tired? De-motivated? Over this whole job search thing?

Starting a new job search and not sure where to start?

Been on the job search and feel stuck?

Tired of your current job and not sure how to move forward?

Here’s one thing that can get you motivated:

📝 Write out a list of your personal & professional accomplishments and 📌 post it somewhere highly visible.

🤷🏻‍♀️ How does a list of your accomplishments support your job search?

  • Boost your self-confidence every time you view the list
  • Feel confident in your capabilities when you see all your accomplishments
  • Help you better remember what you actually did in your last job or two so you can find the best examples of past work during your interviews

The job search is difficult for a number of reasons. It can feel discouraging and lonely when applying to 100+ jobs, especially when the interview you want are not coming in.

By having a list of accomplishments, you can remind yourself that your skills are worth it, that you’ve accomplished a lot already and that no-matter the outcomes of the job search, you can learn to separate your self-worth from the job search process.

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