******edit: all set for February testers but if you'd like to be recruited for future testing fill out the form or drop your email below :) *******

Hi everyone! My name is Ana and I'm an associate product manager at Mirza. We're building a financial planner for working parents and are searching for user testers to do some sessions with us in a few weeks, starting February 21st. (We run monthly sessions so if you can't make it this month but would like to in the future, fill out the form anyway!)

Mirza is a female founded startup on a mission to close the gender pay gap, as well as help parents understand the costs that often prevent women from returning to the workforce. Our app is currently in beta and we’re excited to keep developing our product with your feedback 😊

#ask We are looking for people over 25 who either want to have children in the future or already have children to take part in a 40-minute long 1-1 user testing session in order to gather feedback on our product. (You must be based in the USA, and have access to a desktop computer). Please book a call here. Looking forward to chatting with you!