Female product leaders take Product School's ProductCon 🤩https://dragonboat.io/productcon/

Hey ladies! 👋

There are a number of great female product leader-led sessions at the Dragonboat expo booth at Product School's ProductCon (Feb, 17th) that I thought the Elpha community would appreciate.

🚀 CPO Accelerator: Driving an Outcome Oriented Strategy - with Melissa Perri (CEO & Author, Produx Labs) & Becky Flint (CEO & Founder, Dragonboat)

- Melissa and Becky will dive into what you actually need to run an outcome-driven product team successfully from the right processes, structure, and tools. They’ll also share how you can use data to inform your strategy and ensure insights are being communicated across the org. You won’t want to miss it!

📈 Building Prod Ops at Tealium - with Jackie Orlando (Dir. of Prod Ops, Tealium)

- How do you start a product ops team and scale it effectively? Jackie will reveal her own lessons learned along the way and how Tealium leverages Dragonboat’s PPM platform to connect OKRs, customer needs, product strategies, and resources with Agile execution.

⭐️ Level Up from Product Management to Portfolio Management - with Rachel Weston Rowell (SVP, Product & Tech, Insight Partners) & Becky Flint (CEO & Founder, Dragonboat)

- Running multi-quarter, multi-team initiatives? See why a product portfolio management approach is a must for achieving top-down alignment, bottom-up innovation, and cross-team collaboration.

Check them out: https://dragonboat.io/productcon/

Registered! It's so cool to see female product leaders at the forefront of big events like ProductCon!